Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Martha Madness !!!! Part 6

Blue...isn't so blue when done just the right way (and in the right season, so that you won't break your bank trying to find fresh blue flowers!)....feast your eyes on this!
Programs: The Knot Bridesmaid's Dress: Nordstrom's Cake & Oil Lamp: The Knot Invites: Peculiar Pair Press Bouquet: Martha Stewart

Martha Madness !!!! Part 5

Classic black is just....classic. A staple that you really can't do without. Because we can't do without it, we thought we'd feature it here along with a blushy pink to soften up the mood.
Bouquet: Martha Stewart Bridesmaid Fashion: Etsy Stiletto: Shop-A-Matic Cake & Chandelier: Polyvore Tablesetting & Invitation: Aaron Delesie

Monday, March 23, 2009

Heaven Sown hearts Etsy!

We are ecstatic about our latest find, and our ability to share it with YOU! Etsy is a site where awesome handmade items can be sold...similar to eBay, except with Etsy, you're guarenteed to find merchandise made in the grand ol' U.S. of A., customized just for you! You know how much we pride ourselves in offering unique items that you've never seen before...so, without further adieu: HeavenSown on Esty! It's still new to us, but we wanted to let you know there's yet another way to track us down!Thanks so much for your continued support, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations soon!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Martha Madness !!!! Part 4

There's just something about a rustic "au-naturale" event. It almost seems as though the natural feel allows the true nuts and bolts to shine through. No "fru-fru" details....just the love and those who are there to witness it. We loved these images and wanted to share images that showcase love from a different angle.
Bouquet & Cake: MarthaStewart Bridesmaid Dresses: Olive Rustic Setting: Southern Weddings Blog

Martha Madness !!!! Part 3

A blush pink always creates a romantic tone....and couple it with gold and it seems to become classic or vintage. Vintage is always in! Martha, thanks for reminding us!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Martha Madness !!!! Part 2

There's just something about the cool, fresh shade of Tiffany blue...and it only gets better with such a vibrant red. It's always nice to see a refreshing and unique twist on the latest trend. We love the "unstructured" bouquets and just had to share one of our favorite color combos. :) Used alone, they're both good...but together, man, they're the BEST!
Tiffany blue & Garnet photos: LunaPhoto Chinese Lantern photo: TheKnot

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Martha Madness !!!!

Who doesn't love Martha? Well, for the month of March, we thought we'd feature some of our favorite "Sweet 16" Martha inspirations with our own inspiration boards. Fabulous Hues, Etsy Finds, and DIY treats...who wouldn't go mad over Martha? Stay tuned...our favorite 2009 wedding trends will be coming soon as well!
Shoes: Farfetch Suit: MarthaStewart Tasty Treats: Amy Atlas Events Floral Decor: Karen Tran Florals ...and you WILL see more from Karen, because we are in love with her eye for creating beautiful decor!