Friday, March 5, 2010

Thankful Thursdays: The Uniquities in Everyday Volume III

So, today we're thankful for such unique people around us. Sometimes you'll think you've known someone for so long, and then you find out something you never even knew. Frankly, there isn't much better than old friends and new conversations, allowing you to put a new spin on things. A fresh look at a seemingly old picture creates a new as you meander through your day...and possibly get frustrated with your current existence, try to take a moment to look at it from another perspective. We love working with clients who welcome a new approach to things and actually, it is rather fun using that freedom to change a perspective to see things at an entirely different angle. Call us weird, but it's actually pretty invigorating! Everyday life can jumble all things up and get our hearts all in a tizzy...but every once in a while a visit from an old friend can help you recognize how a unique me can use my uniquities to still overcome the little things to make the big things like love, companionship, and family all the more grand. Thanks Val for that reminder. :) xoxo
Speaking of things unique, here are a few creative wedding invitations that celebrate marriage from unconventional perspectives:
Take a closer look:
Simply removing the dot from the word ‘claire’ reveals the word ‘dave’ proving that they really were meant to be together. The word ‘dave’ was printed in metallic blue on uncoated white stock and covered by a translucent stock which carried the dot of the ‘i’ and the wedding details on the reverse. The two sheets were then stitched together with white cotton. Published in the D&AD Annual 2007, won Gold in the New York Festivals and Type Director's Club and nominated for The Clio Awards. Designed at The Chase.

Definitely, not your typical cookie-cutter:
What's not to love about a story like this?
See the full invitation here:Jill&Matt Bad Banana Blog

Here we go again with that perspective word:
Here's a pretty cool 3-D save the date concept for Alex + Alexis by Alexis’s sister, Megan of Brown Parcel Press: