Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Beautiful Life!

The Inspired Room has so many great ideas and offerings to brighten our days here at Heaven Sown. So, in keeping with they're outlook we thought we'd showcase some of our latest designs (in the case that you don't happen to follow us on Etsy). But first, grab some homemade lemonade as you surf the internet and enjoy our 20 "Litte Happy Things To Celebrate In Life":

1. A fattening honey bun!
2. Our first Etsy sell (someone really likes us!)
3. Hearing the hearty laugh of a child
4. Singing with old friends
5. Great honest friends
6. Homemade Ice Cream
7. Homemade pound cake with freshly picked strawberries and whipped cream
8. Hearing our boys say their prayers at night
9. A new perfume
10. Window shopping
11. A nice bath in the dark with aromatic candles
12. God's favor
13. A nostalgic song from the 80's (oops, telling our ages) like, Cindy Lauper's "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!" 14. A visit "home"
15. Old pics to thumb through
16. The wind in your hair on a Sunday afternoon
17. Rainy days, because inspite of the downpour its nice to be able to get out and run in it!
18. A hand-written note or card in the mailbox.
19. A hand-holding stroll in the park.
20. Making angels in the snow.
And here are our "encouraging" gifts for babies and mommies to be: