Friday, June 24, 2011

Lovers of music and everything vintage, COME IN!

Good music. Great location. Abounding love. Magnanimous details.
What more does one need for a fabulous event?

We dig so much about this event that words won't really do this celebration justice. You must see the goods for yourself!

Event Credits

Inviting Occasion Event Design

Sargeant Photography

Gimme more, gimme more you say? Style Me Pretty has more incredible drool-worthy candid shots!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursdays: The Apostrophe

Some of us feel as though we have to dot every "i" and cross every "t" to make it in life. NEWSFLASH: God can fill any gap with an apostrophe....He can complete you and no one will ever know the difference.

You can go from:
  • segmented to whole....literally, do not becomes don't!
  • solo to plural....symbols or abbreviations go from M.D. to become M.D.'s, and
  • having no ties to being His.....God's grace personified...

  • Remember, God can fill ANY gap with an apostrophe. He can complete you and no one will ever know the difference!
    Image Credit: Cafe Press

    Thankful Thursdays: You are what you THINK!

    Today's Thankful Thursdays post will be short, simple and sweet...and techincally, it's Friday...but anyway, we just had to share a few goodies before the weekend. Every once in a while someone strolls across our virtual storefront/website to applaud us for the messages we try to leave our clients and followers with.

    We love that and thanks SOOOO much!
    We love that you love what we share.
    We love that you get the point...

    and with that, we just thought it would be fitting to share some works of other entrepreneurs that delight us. These little delights encourage much that you may find them on our screensaver, on my design wall in the sewing "closet", thumbtacked, or in the form of wall art on one of our many walls....OR at a minimum on notecards placed in the car, my planner, or change purse.
    Either in word or in look, we love these little nuggets and think that you may too!
    To our followers, we hope that they encourage you to push through and accomplish whatever goals you set for your week. To our fellow entrepreneurs, thank you for going after your dreams...
    BE ENCOURAGED! SOMEone notices!
    Original Art by Valentina

    LeShas Art Shop

    It's Written On the Wall's Shop

    Isadora's Etsy's shop

    Mike Boldtman Art

    My Bearded Pigeon

    Rachel Vanatten Jewelry on Etsy

    Inspired Letters

    Loraee Designs

    Amme and Neb's Etsy Shop

    In His Grace's Etsy Shop

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Got Milk? Sip & See...

    So one of the latest crazes these days in the world of baby showers is a "sip & see". Here are a few photos of another one for inspirtation. This one recently featured on Hostess with the Mostess adds a little twist, worthy of recognition. Kudos to Carrie Sellman of Half Baked for all of the chewy and chunky details!

    A "Sip & See" is an opportunity to shower a couple who has recently welcomed a new bundle of joy to their family...guests can come by and witness the miracle in person and spend a little amount of time with the happy parents. In this case, this lovely gathering was held for a couple adoptive parents. What another great application of the concept!
    Carrie delivered in more ways than one from creation of the theme, favors, and invite to the festive games, and decor! Slam DUNK! Seriously.

    One of my favorite touches was the fact that the guests were encouraged to write humorous thoughts onto diapers to provide the mommy and daddy with a little chuckle. The Diaper Thoughts station gave the men an avenue to showcase their best and most clever diaper humor! A Well Wishes station encouraged guests to write something sentimental on keepsake cards which were then placed into a glass bubble bowl. Of course, the main activity was oohing and awing over the guest of honor, Baby Colin!

    How's this for modern, sleek, fun, and creative fete fun for all who attend?

    Wanna see more scrumptious details? See for yourself on the Hostess Blog.

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    My right-hand man...

    A very important weekend is approaching, and it is oh-so-worthy of a blog post. Drumroll please...
    Daddy Day!
    There are four gentleman in my life these days, three of which encourage me, exhaust me, tickle me, inspire me and love on me. The fourth, however is even more facetted than the younger crew and he manages to do more than all three of them combined!

    My dear husband not only sees about so many of my needs. He's a great provider, confidant, consoler, dreamer, encourager, tickler, doer, inspirer, and genuine lover. He's more than I ever thought when he first crossed my path...kind of like a good piece of chocolate that once you bite there's a nice goodie on the inside like a maraschino cherry, or rich caramel, ya know, something good and unexpected.

    My love knows just when to put everything down and whisk me around on my tippy-toes in the kitchen in front of our boys....or when to spend a little extra time talking with our almost-ten-year-old, who doesn't quite understand why we're so passionate about getting him to make the right decisions everyday....or to which corner of our home to fly our little men when it's time for the sun to rest his eyes.

    He can cook a mad pot of greens and grill up a nice helping of ribs...with his KC Gate's BBQ sauce hidden under lock and key and can re-iron anything I've already attempted, and make it look 100x better. Ok, so that's not my #1 skill, but that's ok, right? Marriage is about taking the best from two to make one, right?

    We may not get along aaaaalll the time, but, when I'm angry, he knows just what to say to break the silence. Hmph. He always wins.

    The fact of the matter is, that I think the true measure of a good man is one who treats the mother of his children with respect, showing them how to treat the women in their lives later. A good man spends time encouraging the gifts in his household and speaks words that inspire. A good man is a man of his word and His Word...and leads so well, that those close to him WANT to follow.

    Anyway, I love this man o' mine and I'm so grateful for him that I just wanted to share with you why he's one of the best dads and husbands out there.
    Happy Daddy Day Babe!

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Thankful Thursdays: To-ma-to, To-mah-to! Testimony Part 1

    One might think, what on Earth could a tomato have to do with Heaven Sown Event Planning? Allow me enlighten you.

    So when Spring came in subtly this year, I found myself doing the usual...looking for my tulip bulbs to start sprouting and discovering what made it through our NC winter. I remember thinking that I'd discovered a new weed in our flower bed, but wasn't quite sure, so I decided to let it cohabitate a while longer. Fast forward a couple months to June...when I'd grown pretty certain that my potential "sprout" was a definite 18-inch tall weed with annoying yellow buds all over. I reached down to snatch it up from its "ruuuuts" my home town family would've called the culprit, only to find...

    "What's that?", might you ask?
    A TOMATO!!!
    Let me back up by saying, it's a tomato that we never planted!
    "Huh", I said to myself....reflecting over a conversation that I'd had with my mom just a few days ago, which resulted in my saying, maybe we should start a garden next year...and whatdaya know, unbeknownst to us, we already had!

    Call me deep, but lately, some of the simplest concepts have fostered the deepest revelations for me...I'll take them. I'd rather be deep than shallow. Anyway, stay with me...

    So we never planted a tomato (and none of our immediate neighbors either), but the conditions must have been ok to produce a plant from a tiny seed, bearing fruit, right?

    The one (profound, to me, at least) revelation I had from this is this: Favor is sooo amazing that sometimes, you won't sow a thing physically, but the conditions around you can be soooo ideal, that random seeds produce just because they found their way to your fertile ground. Correction: OUR fertile ground. :)

    So, today, that's what I'm thankful for: the revelation that if we can just keep our ground fertile, prosperous seeds that we might not even think to plant, will pop up to be blessings...they might not even look that promising initially, but OH when they start producing, we'd better be ready to receive them! The other thing is that I honestly don't think the plant would've ever survived if we hadn't planted other flowers around it in the bed, where it would receive fertilizer and watering like its neighboring buds. SO, the other parallel is that our terrific tomato plant was nurtured because it was amongst other seeds that we'd already planted! So, in essence, our job is to keep sowing and keep the ground just right, so that amongst the seeds you plant, others can flourish even more!

    So yes, tomatoes have a whole lot to do with Heaven SOWN Event Planning...and I can't wait to share with you all of the abundance that's getting ready to come! Stay tuned...we'll revisit this in Thankful Thursdays: To-ma-to, To-mah-to Testimony Part 2.

    Go ahead, you can mooch that testimony too, but remember, don't forget to sow a seed in someone's life never know WHAT it may yield!

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Speak the Word!

    Life can get a little hazy sometimes....just enough to get you a little off kilter. That's ok, we have an app for that. :)
    We believe in sowing...words of encouragement, positive thoughts, and plastering positive images high and low.
    Here are just a couple of our latest offerings to remind you how He has it all still in control. Hump day is here, which means the week is half over and even if you haven't accomplished everything you'd wanted to by this point in life, there's no mistaking it, you're still destined to be great and you're still covered by His grace. Keep chuggin' because you'll always be the apple of His eye!