Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursdays: You are what you THINK!

Today's Thankful Thursdays post will be short, simple and sweet...and techincally, it's Friday...but anyway, we just had to share a few goodies before the weekend. Every once in a while someone strolls across our virtual storefront/website to applaud us for the messages we try to leave our clients and followers with.

We love that and thanks SOOOO much!
We love that you love what we share.
We love that you get the point...

and with that, we just thought it would be fitting to share some works of other entrepreneurs that delight us. These little delights encourage much that you may find them on our screensaver, on my design wall in the sewing "closet", thumbtacked, or in the form of wall art on one of our many walls....OR at a minimum on notecards placed in the car, my planner, or change purse.
Either in word or in look, we love these little nuggets and think that you may too!
To our followers, we hope that they encourage you to push through and accomplish whatever goals you set for your week. To our fellow entrepreneurs, thank you for going after your dreams...
Original Art by Valentina

LeShas Art Shop

It's Written On the Wall's Shop

Isadora's Etsy's shop

Mike Boldtman Art

My Bearded Pigeon

Rachel Vanatten Jewelry on Etsy

Inspired Letters

Loraee Designs

Amme and Neb's Etsy Shop

In His Grace's Etsy Shop

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