Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursdays: what a wonder-filled expo! Volume II

Well, here at Heaven Sown we are firm believers that we cross paths with others for a divine reason. Today we are so thankful for those divine connections and relationships that have contributed to who we are today. It has been such a pleasure to serve so many people, doing things we thoroughly enjoy! From carefully crafted invitations and unique floral designs created by us to wow you, to just having the opportunity to provide access to our colleagues/vendors we love working truly is just a great feeling to be able to do what we do for you. Then there's just the thought to know that you trust us enough to share us with others. who you hold dear, what better way to remind us of your appreciation of a connection with us!! So yea, we thank God for the connections, in other words, for each and every one of YOU! We appreciate the opportunity God has given us to cross your paths and we look forward to sharing with you and your dear friends in the days of tomorrow! Covered by His grace, Heaven Sown

Monday, February 22, 2010

Heaven Sown sends a sincere thank you...

...for gracing us with your presence at CBEN Vendor Fair held in Morrisville, NC on February 10th! It's always a pleasure to meet new people and expand our network. It was fun to feature some of our latest work and you seemed to enjoy 'the bling' as well! If you missed out on the opportunity, no need to fret! We will also show a 'new look' this Wednesday, February, 24th at JCC's Black Business Expo from ten until 3pm in Smithfield, NC. For additional information on anything featured at the showcase or our products, please do not hesitate to give us a call! 800.252.2166

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thankful Thursdays...well, we're a little early this week...

So we've been considering adding a weekly post to our blog, Thankful Thursdays. We figured Thursdays were just about "when you think you've had it!" in the hustle-bustle of the week and are ready to throwing everything to the wind, right? Well, at first glance, so-called-Miracle Monday, didn't seem all that, in an effort to bring our own spirits up, looks like this week's Thankful Thursday has just turned into a Thankful Tuesday for those of you who will meander over to our site tomorrow. So, we'll think on some positive things to help lift your spirits this evening and for the remainder of the week...because when its all said and done, the little vicissitudes of life that are surrounding us today, probably won't be worth a hill of beans next year, next month, or even next week. It's the thoughful, captured moments that will make the difference. Without further adieu, some of the things we're most grateful for...featuring some great photographers who's work we are grateful for as well!

1. Nature in all of its glory....
Photo Credits: Leslie Cothran Photography (Vail, CO)

2. Angels we've entertained unawares....
Photo Credits: Footprints Photography ( Ann Arbor, MI)
3. Moments of reflection...
Photo Credits: BU Photography (Philly, PA)
Ladies, thanks for sharing God's gift in you!!!!...we're all the better because of it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Make your V-day flowers look great through next week!

When caring for fresh cut flowers, diligence is key. Flowers require care and attention to ensure that they last long past the day they are brought home from the store or cut from an outdoor arrangement. Balanced, clean water and open stems are the most important factors to making fresh cut flowers last.
Lukewarm water is best for fresh cut flowers since water molecules move faster when they are warm. The speed of the molecules allows it to be absorbed faster. Bulbs prefer cold water since these plants are used to cool ground temperatures.
Since some hopefuls will have flowers coming to them in the near future, we thought we'd share a few tried and tested tips to help you help your stems maintain their punch through the upcoming week!

Here are just things to continue to get the best bang for your buck:

1: When flowers are purchased from the store, their stems should be re-cut about an inch (2.5 cm) or so above the old cut line to remove the air bubble that developed when the flowers were removed abruptly from their water supply.

2: Foliage below the water line needs to be removed because it contributes to bacteria buildup.

3: When placing the arrangement in the home, avoid direct sunlight and areas subject to constant breezes like those in front of a heater vent or air conditioner.

4: The water should be changed every two or three days and stems re-cut to avoid the buildup of bacteria.

5: To further contribute to the life of freshly cut flowers, a balancing agent can be added to the water. The small packets usually provided by florists contain three things. First is a biocide, or chemicals that kill bacteria. Bacteria is a common killer of fresh cut flowers, second only to the absence of water. Also included is an acidifier to create acid and increase water uptake, and sugar to feed the plant.

Another that most people can make with products in their home is a solution of lemon juice, sugar, and bleach. To one quart of water (.95 liter), add 2 tablespoons (29.6 ml) of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon (14.8 ml) of sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) of bleach. With a solution like this and regular maintenance, fresh cut flowers can have long and healthy lives in the home.

6: If the flower food solution becomes cloudy, replace it entirely with properly mixed flower food solution. If possible, re-cut stems by removing one to two inches with a sharp knife. Be sure to use a sharp knife or clippers that will not crush the stems. Immediately place the stems into solution.

7: Keep flowers in a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit). Most flowers will last longer under cool conditions.
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a rose, is a rose, is a rose? not so much....

With Valentine's right around the corner, we thought we'd offer a little guidance on floral picks. Granted, anyone should LOVE to receive any kind of flower, but it takes a special connoisseur to deliver a gift with meaning. Personally, we love different fresh cuts like Peonies, Bells of Ireland, and Snapdragons, but in the case that some of our followers wanted the scoop on common flower meanings, we thought we'd oblige... A special thanks to Coffee Gozzip's Blog for the rose meanings below.

Red Rose: Love, Romance, Respect, Passion, Beauty
White Rose:Purity, Innocence, Spirituality
Pink Rose: Admiration, Thankfulness, Gratitude, Appreciation
Yellow Rose: Friendship, Joy, Gladness
Orange Rose: Enthusiasm, Desire
Lavendar Rose: Love at first sight, Enchantment
Green Rose: Rejuvenation, Abundance
Black Rose:Death, Loss
Now, with that said, we all know that for Valentine's Day, red roses can definitely break the save a few pennies, maybe one can invest in other varieties that might smell just as sweet!
Alstromeria: Aspiring
Bells of Ireland: Good luck
Calla Lily: Regal
Tulips:Perfect Love
Gardenias: Purity, Joy
Gladiolus: Strength of Character
Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty
Hydrangea: Perseverance
Ivy: Fidelity
Jasmine: Grace, Elegance
Lady's Slipper: Capricious Beauty
Orchids: Wealth, Love, Beauty
Snapdragon: Presumptuous
Stargazer Lily: Ambition
Stephanotis: Good Luck
Sunflower: Adoration

Of course, we try our best not to, for those of you who just love to drool over great floral photos like us, we thought we'd throw in some of the best...feast your eyes on the giftings of Karan Tran We love her work (and know you will too!) and she works with some of the best photographers like Darin Fong to capture it all!