Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursdays: what a wonder-filled expo! Volume II

Well, here at Heaven Sown we are firm believers that we cross paths with others for a divine reason. Today we are so thankful for those divine connections and relationships that have contributed to who we are today. It has been such a pleasure to serve so many people, doing things we thoroughly enjoy! From carefully crafted invitations and unique floral designs created by us to wow you, to just having the opportunity to provide access to our colleagues/vendors we love working truly is just a great feeling to be able to do what we do for you. Then there's just the thought to know that you trust us enough to share us with others. who you hold dear, what better way to remind us of your appreciation of a connection with us!! So yea, we thank God for the connections, in other words, for each and every one of YOU! We appreciate the opportunity God has given us to cross your paths and we look forward to sharing with you and your dear friends in the days of tomorrow! Covered by His grace, Heaven Sown

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