Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursdays...Have you entertained an angel?

It's funny how we can get so caught up in life's hustle and bustle that we miss things. We miss how important things are to us....and before long, those things begin to take the place of people's importance to us.
We allow the moon and sun to come and go,
forgetting to make a difference,
forgetting to smile a little bigger,
forgetting to hug a little tighter,
or even listen just a little longer.

On Saturday, February 11th, the world lost a spirit with a remarkable voice, of which I'm grateful has been captured on vinyl. Her voice was angelic...truly not of this world. I'm saddened to know that I won't hear new revelations of it, but I'm comforted in knowing a few things:
the Giver of the voice, is able to give even greater gifts to be enjoyed by us all
her voice will continue to be heard and remind me of God's grace an mind-blowing power to exceed our expectations
the heavens must truly be magnanimous...imagine if we could hear angelic voices like her's all the time?

So, today, I'm so thankful that despite the fact that the world was unable to answer her call for help, we still have an opportunity to entertain other angels everyday.
We have the opportunity to pour into them as they've poured into us.
We have the opportunity to listen a little longer,
hug a little tighter,
smile a little bigger,
all the while, making a difference in the life of someone else,
Verse Source: Hebrews 13:2

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We're headed down Lover's Lane...

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Spread a little extra love!

Heaven Sown

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesdays Word: What are YOU discussing?

Nuff said.