Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a rose, is a rose, is a rose? not so much....

With Valentine's right around the corner, we thought we'd offer a little guidance on floral picks. Granted, anyone should LOVE to receive any kind of flower, but it takes a special connoisseur to deliver a gift with meaning. Personally, we love different fresh cuts like Peonies, Bells of Ireland, and Snapdragons, but in the case that some of our followers wanted the scoop on common flower meanings, we thought we'd oblige... A special thanks to Coffee Gozzip's Blog for the rose meanings below.

Red Rose: Love, Romance, Respect, Passion, Beauty
White Rose:Purity, Innocence, Spirituality
Pink Rose: Admiration, Thankfulness, Gratitude, Appreciation
Yellow Rose: Friendship, Joy, Gladness
Orange Rose: Enthusiasm, Desire
Lavendar Rose: Love at first sight, Enchantment
Green Rose: Rejuvenation, Abundance
Black Rose:Death, Loss
Now, with that said, we all know that for Valentine's Day, red roses can definitely break the save a few pennies, maybe one can invest in other varieties that might smell just as sweet!
Alstromeria: Aspiring
Bells of Ireland: Good luck
Calla Lily: Regal
Tulips:Perfect Love
Gardenias: Purity, Joy
Gladiolus: Strength of Character
Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty
Hydrangea: Perseverance
Ivy: Fidelity
Jasmine: Grace, Elegance
Lady's Slipper: Capricious Beauty
Orchids: Wealth, Love, Beauty
Snapdragon: Presumptuous
Stargazer Lily: Ambition
Stephanotis: Good Luck
Sunflower: Adoration

Of course, we try our best not to, for those of you who just love to drool over great floral photos like us, we thought we'd throw in some of the best...feast your eyes on the giftings of Karan Tran We love her work (and know you will too!) and she works with some of the best photographers like Darin Fong to capture it all!

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