Friday, June 17, 2011

My right-hand man...

A very important weekend is approaching, and it is oh-so-worthy of a blog post. Drumroll please...
Daddy Day!
There are four gentleman in my life these days, three of which encourage me, exhaust me, tickle me, inspire me and love on me. The fourth, however is even more facetted than the younger crew and he manages to do more than all three of them combined!

My dear husband not only sees about so many of my needs. He's a great provider, confidant, consoler, dreamer, encourager, tickler, doer, inspirer, and genuine lover. He's more than I ever thought when he first crossed my path...kind of like a good piece of chocolate that once you bite there's a nice goodie on the inside like a maraschino cherry, or rich caramel, ya know, something good and unexpected.

My love knows just when to put everything down and whisk me around on my tippy-toes in the kitchen in front of our boys....or when to spend a little extra time talking with our almost-ten-year-old, who doesn't quite understand why we're so passionate about getting him to make the right decisions everyday....or to which corner of our home to fly our little men when it's time for the sun to rest his eyes.

He can cook a mad pot of greens and grill up a nice helping of ribs...with his KC Gate's BBQ sauce hidden under lock and key and can re-iron anything I've already attempted, and make it look 100x better. Ok, so that's not my #1 skill, but that's ok, right? Marriage is about taking the best from two to make one, right?

We may not get along aaaaalll the time, but, when I'm angry, he knows just what to say to break the silence. Hmph. He always wins.

The fact of the matter is, that I think the true measure of a good man is one who treats the mother of his children with respect, showing them how to treat the women in their lives later. A good man spends time encouraging the gifts in his household and speaks words that inspire. A good man is a man of his word and His Word...and leads so well, that those close to him WANT to follow.

Anyway, I love this man o' mine and I'm so grateful for him that I just wanted to share with you why he's one of the best dads and husbands out there.
Happy Daddy Day Babe!

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