Saturday, November 22, 2008

...the greatest of these is love...

Last August, we planned the union of a special couple who are near (well, far since they hail from and reside in Kansas City) and dear to us. We thought we'd share a few pics for those of you who might be ahead of the game in planning for a fall wedding for next year. We chose a fruit of the spirit theme, and because the bride was so willing to do things differently,we were able to be a little more creative. For one, she decided NOT to go with a traditional ivory or white gown and opted for more of a mocha shade...she is a TRUE individual and she looked FABULOUS! We tried our hand at creating fruit adorned arrangements down the aisle and at the altar, and the guests loved the final outcome of our creativity infused with the ceremonial sanctity.
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The fall shades were a perfect palette for the theme and well, we thought some of the pictures could serve as inspiration for you. If you have the luxury of planning now for a fall wedding, TIP #1: Buy out of season. You'll save a ton and have some spending change for your happily ever after.
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TIP #2: Since you're looking at our blog, you're probably already hip with this one, but scour the internet for creative, yet simple ideas that can be easily duplicated. Your wallet and sanity will thank you later. Because we love to scour ourselves, here are a few great seasonal ideas for the frugal, yet fashionable hostess with the mostest. Enjoy!
Real Wedding Photo Credits: Amy & Scott

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