Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Without Further Ado...

The two of us, as previously stated, really never thought we would be doing what we are doing now. However, we must say that we are extremely proud of the work that we have done. Heaven Sown Event Planning & Personalized Gifts was our first "business baby." Now 3 years later we have another newborn...Creme de la Creme Cheesecakes. Creme de la Creme specializes in freshly baked homemade cheesecakes. Knowing that presentation speaks loudly, we came up with a concept for patrons to not just receive a cake in a box, but a cake in a gift box. These decadent desserts will leave you wanting more...call 229.854.0434 for more information, and to place your order for your very own Creme de la Creme Cheesecake!!!

Creme de la Creme Cheescakes a division of G8tr Enterprises

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