Monday, November 17, 2008

"I am woman Phenomenally, Pheomenal Woman, That's me"

In light of the economy and the holidays, we're rolling right into the season that's great for bargain hunting and gift giving. Between November and the end of February, you'll ifnd some of the best deals for your closest friends and family. Of course, we love gifts that are thought provoking and express some form of sentiment, so over the next few weeks we'll share our favorite finds. For this week, we'll start off witha little bit of what we offer. ...speaking of sentimental gifts, we really like to honor those women out there who are expecting or caring for little ones. We realize how much of an incredible task it is to carry a little one...not to mention nurturing a baby into all that he/she is destined to be. For that reason, we create a selection of handmade gifts to tickle her fancy while she undergoes this life altering change.

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