Friday, September 24, 2010

Thankful Thursdays: Visions. Signs. Wonders

There are just some images you glance at that just simply look heavenly *sigh*...
some that almost capture the wonderment of love
some that capture God’s grace if nothing more than the creativity that must’ve rested on the creator of such beautiful details
Credits: Style Me Pretty Yosemite National Park Wedding Today we’re thankful well, er, yesterday, since this post should have found its way to enlighten you on Thankful THURSday….nevertheless, a thank you is always in order...ANYway, we're thankful for all of the visions, signs, and wonders He creates that when captured in art, showcase His awesomeness! For if we never showcased our creativity, how could be show others the God ideas He gives us?! Not trying to be overly deep...but we know our visions come from not us alone...and we're just gracious, is all. :) We absolutely LOVE the Style Me Pretty blog and all of the wonderful inspiration that gets showcased there. We’d like to think one day, we’ll be selected. In the meantime, we thought we’d post a few images of literal signs, visions, and His wonder caught on film. I swear in some I can even hear the ‘ting’ or the swoosh of the net, because these pics are truly worth more than just a few words. Hats off to the beautiful creators of the work…and to the utmost creator who bestows a little of His gifts in us all! Credits:Check out THIS backdrop!..another SMP find
We just love little reminders like this of His promises... Credits: Red Letter Words
Credits: Love Birds Sign There's just something about this 'country' feel. Maybe we're just in love with vintage, but chic AND unique these days are kinda hard to come by....absolutely refreshing details! Credits: Terra Dawn Photography Whoever said rainy wedding days are bad luck? ...then again, here at Heaven Sown Event Planning, we never believed in bad luck, rabbits ears, and jinxes anyway, so... Credits: Devil's Tumb Ranch Wedding

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