Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Promotions Unveiled!!

Can you believe it!? We're only a week away from collard greens, sweet potato pie, turkey, and a slew of other homemade dishes. Before we know it, some of us (eh-hm) will be setting our clocks in preparation for Black Friday.

Well, while you're hustling and bustling over the next few weeks to amaze the loves of your life with gifts that will impress them, we can guarantee you that you'll save yourself a little undue stress, by selecting from our latest Holiday offerings!

Go ahead, it can't hurt! Meander over to our parent site, G8tr Enterprises, because before you know it, the time will have gotten away from you and you'll find yourself scrambling in the 11th hour to track down something that we can already have packaged and ready to go!

Drumroll please.....

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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