Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our LABOR of love...

We're really excited to share one of our latest babies with you...yes, we're birthing another one...and this one has been in the works for sometime. After three boys, you'd think a girl would be overdue, right? Just joking...nope this is probably as close to our girl as we'll ever for our hopeful blog followers, don't get your hopes up too high!

This labor of love is really just another offering for YOU!

I know you're probably thinking Heaven Sown...when do you have time to do baby stuff, weddings,and cheesecakes...not to mention a new baby?!

Technically, this is just a little extension of our Blessed Beginnings Baby line and we love it so that we thought we'd share a rough image of our work...even before we get truly professional pictures.

So, you know how BIG we are on miracles around here, right?...maybe now you'll understand why. Here's a glimpse at our own definition.

This 18 x 22" burlap canvas perfectly expresses how we feel about:
  • each of our angels...
  • those surprising little blessings that cross our path ever so often, and even
  • those awe-inspiring testimonies that our friends share with us from time to time!

...perfect for a doctors' office, nursery, photographer's studio,or the home of any believer....this hand-painted gem is a daily reminder of God's handiwork.

It's featured here in a neutral burlap with copper lettering (although my el-cheapo digital doesn't quite pick up the glistening metallic finish), but can be tailored to perfectly accent any space. It's currently available in our Etsy shop here...soon to be offered on our BlessedBeginningsBaby site...and we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, we just had to share the good news with you!
Do YOU believe in miracles?

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