Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot Dog! Weekly Meal Planner...

So I've kind of done this manually for the past two weeks, but it wasn't working that well for I found out on Friday in the midst of trying to prepare pizza dough while running out of flour. Sigh. When I say manually, I mean that I've tried my hand at jotting down and even using Excel half-hazardly to come up with ideas of meals for the week. All attempts at doing this to-date have failed.
So as my dough mixture waited for my husband to make two failed trips to the grocery store, my patience got a little less than thin.
Of course, my resulting extra crispy pizza crust could've been avoided if I'd planned a little better by checking the pantry before stirring in the kitchen. I would've have realized long before Friday at 6pm that I was out of pasta sauce and all-purpose flour.
Nevertheless, we ate...and the boys were still relatively pleased with their chicken-pepperoni-bell pepper-cheese-and-tomato creation despite my oh-so-crunchy crust.
So I ran across this today, a new and improved version to what I was using before. This trusty meal planner allows you to enter in your own menu items and then leaves a front tab to retrieve those same items via a drop down menu so that you can plan for the week.
Now, if I had a DROID or iPhone instead of my almost obsolete by some acocunts Blackberry, I'm sure I'd find a trusty app to do all of this and have it right at my fingertips in a matter of minutes. Which reminds me...if any of you t\great folks out there can either:
1. Recommend an app that will work on my BB and plan my meals, while creating a grocery list, puh-LEASE let me know, or
2. Recommend an app that works on a DROID/Iphone that does the above...which will finally convince me to upgrade, I'd love you forever. :)
So anyway, I don't know how you're meal planning is going for this week, but I feel like I'm almost caught up, thanks to this handy husband's tool!
See for yourself! This Excel sheet can be downloaded in the format of a weekly/monthly layout and is quite handy. Here's a glimpse at ours so far for this week.

Thanks Jon and Maria Wittwer!!!
Photo Credit: Pinterest

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