Monday, December 8, 2008

Susie Homemaker Goodies

Just in time for the holidays, a few tips and treats that even YOU can implement for your own tabletops and buffets! We're all looking for not-so-labor-intensive designs that are festive and fun, so we thought we'd ablige you with some easy ways to embellish your home over the next few weeks.
Fresh Fruit Topiaries
You will need:
• 4-inch dry foam sphere or 12-inch dry foam cone
• Pedestal or footed container
• Florist clay
• Box of wooden toothpicks
• 1 bag of fresh cranberries or 2 1/2 pounds fresh kumquats
• Sprigs of nandina
• Gardenia leaves
To make: Step 1: Secure the round foam topiary to the footed container with florist clay.
Step 2: Starting at the bottom of each foam core, insert toothpicks spaced to size of the fruit.
Step 3: Pierce the fruit onto the toothpicks.
Step 4: Continue piercing the fruit until each foam core is completely covered.
Step 5: Add leaves to the top and bottom of the topiaries for desired effect, inserting the stems into the foam core.
Candy Cane Vase
You will need:
• Glue gun
• Tall drinking glass
• Box of large candy canes, individually wrapped in cellophane
• Red ribbon
To make:Step 1: With the glue gun, gently glue a candy cane to the exterior wall of the drinking glass, pressing gently for 10 seconds to set in place.
Step 2: Continue this process until the glass is completely covered with candy canes.
Step 3: Tie the bright red ribbon around the glass and secure with a dot of glue
Photo Credits: Candy Cane Vase
Festive Mantel Decor
Spruce up your mantel for the holidays with evergreen garlands and clear glass containers filled with bold cranberries. Step 1: After filling the vases with cranberries (or small ornaments) add candles on top to create a pretty glow. Step 2:Take things further by suspending a galaxy of large ornaments. Pushpins in the ceiling will barely leave their mark. Step 3:Simple white stockings add to the crisp and sophisticated look of this festive hearth.
Photo Credits: Festive Mantel Decor
Evergreen Candles
What You Need: • Glass hurricane candle holder • Evergreen pieces • Spray adhesive • Pillar candles
Step 1: Prepare the glass surface by cleaning it with window cleaner. Then select any flat evergreen pieces you would like to use. Coat the greenery with spray adhesive.
Step 2: Wait a few seconds for the adhesive to get tacky and then attach each piece to the container with the ends hanging from the bottom of the container.
Step 3: Allow the greenery to dry for a few minutes. Then trim the bottoms with sturdy scissors, floral snips, or garden shears.
Photo Credits: Evergreen Candles
...and lastly a few more simple ideas who have an excess number of ornaments!
Photo Credits: Better Homes & Gardens

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