Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa, let us explain...

We've tried to be really good! REALLY! Time has just gotten away from us....potty training toddlers, fourth grade multiplication facts, wrapping corporate gifts, sewing baby gifts, pin-pricked fingers, unassembled Christmas trees, and monogrammed towels, sheets, and throws have taken the place of gumdrops and sugarplums in our dreams. So, no we haven't quite finished our Christmas list.

Yes, it is December 3rd already and shhhh! As a matter of fact, we haven't really started it. We know your elves are feverishly working to meet the demands of our little angels, so we thought we'd take a little time to showcase our own (and some of our favorite) small businesses who are working feverishly to offer gifts MADE IN THE USA for our dedicated followers to enjoy!

So...please forgive us, Santa, we'll have our complete list ready and sent to you soon! But seriously,'ve gotta admit, these shops offer some goodies even YOU hadn't thought of!

Of course there's our latest round of corporate gifts...any secret santa gift seekers out there? Hurry quickly before our best sellers are going, going, GONE!

and then some of our other handmade faves:

The Belle & The Beau's Modern Boys' and Toddler Ties:

KC SoapsNMore's Goat Milk Sugar Scrub Soaps:

Mermaid's Dream Clutches:

Designs By Randi:

Chenille Treasures' Teddies, Bunnies, and Blankies:

Boutique Mia's Reversible Cloaks:

DDots Handmade Stationery:

Our very own Reversible Ultra-Absorbent Bibs & Burpies!

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