Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thankful day early: N.A.N.A!

There's just something about know, those women who support you whole-heartedly, pushing you into prosperity, always reassuring you that everything will be fine, and that they'll always be there, regardless.....

My mom is the best and today on her glorious birthday, at Heaven Sown, we're grateful. Not only did she encourage me to obtain an engineering degree for my Plan A eh-hem, several years ago, but she also bought me my first sewing machine once I decided on my Plan B. She's always been there to nudge me along. Learning how to talk to God, drive a stick, graduations, pledging, buying my first car, buying my first home, marrying the love of my life, teaching me everything I know about flowers, and now tending to my little angels, "Chunk", "PT" and "Duke". Today I'm incredibly thankful for the one and only Deborah Ann. There's just none like her and will never be!

Nana, in between, fourth grade multiplication homework, potty training, 9 to 5s, and the after-5's we managed to drop something in the mail for you, but in the interim, the boys wanted to do a little something for you since we don't get to see you as often as we'd like. Let me tell you, it took several "takes". We can laugh over those out-takes and a good helping of sweet potato pudding later. :)
Nana's Bday Video

We love you,
are incredibly thankful for you,
realize we would be nothing without you, and
today we celebrate you on your glorious birthday!

xoxo and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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