Monday, January 10, 2011

B is for Bella...

...a beautiful baby, whom we have yet to see, but if her nature is anything like her parents, she is sure to be God's grace personified (as her reversible burpie says below).

To welcome the newest member of our Blessed Beginnings extended family, we thought we'd share with you our last addition to our product line, our "Bella" custom frame. Look closely, it showcases her name AND the special meanings that made her parents fall in love with it!
Arabella - /air-ah-BELL-ah/ - beautiful grace, answered prayer

What princess wouldn't love this?!

It's totally customizable, like our bibs and burpies, and that cashmere bling just OOZES beauty! Dontcha think?

Maybe if we're all fortunate, we'll get to share a pic of little Miss Arabella herself donning her latest treats soon. Until then, you'll just have to love the look of her reversible bib and burpies on this cute and cuddly teddy bear...

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Alexandra said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! You are so gifted and talented with all that you do Ebony! This has really really touched us! WOW! I am so humbled by this gesture and know that whatever you place your hands to do, God continues to richly bless you! We cannot wait to send pics of Bella adorning her new garments! :-) thanks you so very much!