Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Opportunities are endless....if you're creative!

Let's face it. Money truly does not grow on trees, and despite the fact that a lot of us would LOVE to have a dream wedding/extravaganza designed by Preston Bailey or Colin Cowie, its just not gonna happen. Maybe you'd love to spend $8K on an Amsale ceremony gown:

or $1K on this vintage Justin Alexander number:

there are these things we call budgets that limit us....FOR A REASON!
So this post is about making the most of what you've got without breaking the bank!So you'd like to have a reception but can't quite afford to feed scrumptious meals to all of your guests?

NEWSFLASH: Your guests will be ok, if you forego the filet mignon on YOUR big day. After all, in most cases, you probably won't find the time to enjoy it yourself!

A perfectly viable option is to just have a simple cake and punch eh-hem, 'decadent dessert' reception that will allow you to focus on a beautiful display of tasty treats sure to appease any guests.

Two side notes, though: this option is most viable between mealtimes and best indicated on your invitation as simply a "dessert reception following ceremony"

Your treats could include an extensive assortment of rich desserts such as cheese cakes, tarts, tortes, cookies, pies, cakes, pastries, cobblers, biscotti, ice cream, cotton candy, sundaes, and candies could be delectably displayed and ready for guests to partake. The key is to be consistent in containers and color scheme and your guests will think they've entered their favorite candy shop!

Another healthier and still viable option is to have a simple veggie bar. We've showcased Esther Kim's work....but it is simply too beautifully creative not to share again! She took a few notes from THE Amy Atlas and voila!

The difference is in the details...if you're only able to think creatively!

Ultimately, if you still feel as though you're shorting your guests, you could always have a more intimate gathering at a local restaurant and foot the bill for a much smaller and close-knit group of friends....

Most importantly, you'll be happier after you say I DO, because you'll have a few pennies left after all of the fun...and you can take THAT to the bank!

Happy planning and staying-in-budgeting!

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