Monday, January 24, 2011

What WOMEN really want!!!

Ladies! Ladies!
Valentine's is right around the corner! We know men are usually at a loss for what their Miss/Mrs./Ms. REALLY wants on this day reserved for love.'s your opportunity to sort-of anonymously share any great ideas for our male followers of what you REALLY want! Just comment on this page and I promise there will be several gents taking notes!
Carpe Diem, right! Seize the opportunity now, while he still has time to finalize how he's gonna woo you!
So, let us know! No wish is too small! Heaven Sown MAY just be able to grant it!
How would YOU love to spend Valentine's Day?
or even,
What gift have you (or a friend, wink-wink) received for Valentine's Day that tickled your fancy?

S/N: Guys, no worries, stay-tuned, we'll add a post just for you later this week! Photo Credit: Hostess Blog

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