Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love is in the Air... Valentine Promotions Inside!

Seriously? You're not going to find a better V-day gift out there that will wow your better half more than these...especially for the quality! You know we pride ourselves in unique gift options sure to tickle our recipient's fancies...SO, if you're ready to rise to the occassion, let your fingers do the walking over to our Vday specials, G8tr Enterprises!

There's still a little time left to embellish on the options we're showcasing (i.e. we're glad to add a gift card or toss another little personal item in just for you...the sure-fire way to let your loved one know that there was just a little extra thought behind your oh-so-thought-filled sentiments) :)

Our only disclaimer is that we are extremely limited on open slots for V-day (and yes, this also applies to cheesecake orders), so hurry over quickly!

Oh, and should the Monday slots fill before you're able to place your order no worries, we can still arrange for Sunday deliveries....and we'll be glad to offer a few creative tips to help you still pull off an amazing day!

We're looking forward to exceeding your expectations!

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