Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursdays: Our Deepest Fear....

...yet another Thursday that we've been so fortunate to be graced with! We simply couldn't let this "Thankful Thursday" go by without saying thanks for your "encouragement". Needless to say, it can be.....challenging trying to be an entrepreneur.
    It is easy to often succomb to daily thoughts of:
  1. This economy is so jacked up, I'll keep my day job. :)
  2. Benefits....its sure is nice to have 'em!
  3. Failure. What will our kids think? What will our colleagues think?
  4. Can it all really work?
People are always telling us thanks for encouraging them, but we just had to stop and say thanks to YOU for encouraging us. You see, we love what we do! Even though its on the side, we love it. Even though it keeps us up 'til the wee hours of the morning. We. Love. It. Even though we don't see profits E-VER-Y day, we still love it!!!! ....inspite of all of the much that we continue do it all, the 9 to 5, the runny noses, the cubscouts, choir, praise team, the laundry, and then, the invitations, the programs, the flowers, the cheesecakes, the bibs and burpies, and of course, consultations. It's GOTTA be love, right?! :) Well, its also the encouragement! There are several of you out there. Our nameless angels, that keep asking us things like:
  1. Hey, when can I order another Strawberry Overload Cheesecake?
  2. Will you do the flowers for OUR wedding?
  3. Do you have any gift baskets ready for me...yeah, I know its last minute.
  4. How's business going?
  5. So I need something for my dear got me covered?
You may not know it, but those things ENCOURAGE the entrepreneur, working towards their big break. Actually, they encourage us!! Those words, keep our minds turning. They keep us still believing in our dreams...because simply YOU believe in us. So we must simply say thanks for helping keep our biggest fears away...and hopefully they'll stay away long enough to push us where we'd like to be. Until then, we wanted to leave you with this poem (I'm feeling might poetic lately?) in hopes that it encourages you to do the same. xo,

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