Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Site: Unveiled!

It's always a great feeling to work with great people and get great results! Sometimes, that dynamic doesn't easily manifest itself. Well, this time, we'd like to think we were graced with just that (a workable dynamic), and wanted to share great news with you!

We've admired this photographer's work for some much so, that you've seen her work featured on our blog. Bernadette Uzcategui of BU Photography is the the bestest MainLine Philly photographer EVER!!! When it comes to service, quality, and a superb final product, you Philly-anites have no need to search any further!!

We approached her with a proposition to photograph her {coos} and {giggles} as she calls them on her site featuring some of our products, and she did NOT disappoint! Thanks to her handy footwork, quick thinking, and adorable models we're now able to unveil our new and improved...drumroll please, Blessed Beginnings Baby Boutique website. Stop the presses!

We truly can't say thanks enough to her for allowing her gift to be used to be such a blessing beyond our dreams! Thanks to her willing models (and most importantly, to the mommies and daddies of her willing models) we are able to share a little more of what's near and dear to us!

Yes, miracles DO happen...

So, a special thank you to little Mrs. Bernadette (and thanks Adrian, to you too...because without you, our paths never would've crossed), and without further adieu, we re-introduce you to our baby.... Blessed Beginnings Baby Boutique.

Oh, and for those of you who love our baskets, correspondence cards, blankies, and such...we'll get pics of those up soon...and yes, they're all still available...but for now, fall in love again with our bibs & burpies!

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