Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whipping butts outta first gear...(Day 2)

In anticipation of Crystal Paine's Making the Most of Your Mornings Day 2 post, I tried my hand at seeing what I could accomplish last night to make this morning go smoother. I must say, I was able to get my to do's done...but still was up later than desired. 

The plus? Clothes were picked out,  ironed, breakfast quiche was made...so yes, the morning was MUCH smoother than normal!  Fortunately for me, Monday night isn't a night that I love watching TV...so I was able to kill a few birds, without feeling like I was missing something.  The minus? Put a pin in that...

So what got done last night?
  • Leftover dinner
  • Boys ready for bed
  • Completed draft party invite
  • Breakfast quiche made
  • Dishwasher loaded
  • 2 loads of clothes washed...but certainly not folded :)
  • Clothes laid out and ironed for me and the boys
  • Changed my nail color
  • Meditation
So, Crystal believes
"To change your morning,
you need to first change your evening."

Deep, huh? You can read more about it here: Making the Most of Your Mornings Day 2

So, tonight's homework is to:
1.  Determine a bedtime (that will ensure 8 hours of sleep) and stick to it!
2.  Make a list of your top 5 to do's...and stick to it!

and I have resolved to:
Stick to a bedtime of 1030pm (for the next 3 weeks) and

Complete Top 5 Nightly To Do’s (hard to limit to 5):
  1. pick out clothes for boys and myself
  2. iron clothes for boys and myself
  3. clean kitchen/load dishwasher
  4. get documents/backpacks ready for next day
  5. overall pickup of living space
The minus? I'm already trying to figure out how I can get business stuff done in the evenings without home life going ary.  With a 9 to 5 that does not support our side gig,  a lot of times I can only create our gift baskets in the evening, for example... so the verdict is still out on this approach...but I'm willing to try!

One thing I have learned already in Day 1 is that I've seen that by making a list, I can already see how others can help get things on the list done.  For example, our boys are now 11, 5, and 4.  I've gotten in the habit of pulling out their clothes so much that I'll wait til 0630 trying to rush and throw to together something for the younger two, only to hear them bicker about who wants to wear what.  So, I concluded last night that if I include them in the evening routine of picking out the shirts, we should have no issues in the morning of who's wearing what = more peace in my morning. 

Either way, at a minimum, if this process shows me nothing more than to involve others in the plan so that they can buy into it...I'll consider it all a win-win.

Looks like over 300 folks have signed up for the chall-onge...have you?
Aw, come on.....

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